Saturday, June 29, 2013

Acrostic Shit (My name)

Elevated words, alien to such ersatz mind

Decadent mind, after years of misuse and neglect

Magnified by its excess of ignorance

Utterly pardonable, excuses abound.

Narrow-minded, in scope and understanding

Deviant in its erroneous demeanor

Obnoxious and obscene, both fit

Bogus, he is not, but just barely.

Abdicated acceptance to paradise since forever

Rational . . .  in lost and found, and never claimed

Reckless and recalcitrant, and never able to retract

Adamant and blindly proud

Zest, is nonetheless, something he never lacked

Abhor adulation, but hate even more unjust criticism.

Edmundo Barraza
Lancaster, Ca.