Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doubtful Lover

Like in most important matters, between choices
There are pros and cons in every candidate

Should I chain myself or remain freely celibate?

Should I risk it and listen to my inner voices?

Loneliness, it does exist, but I hate regrets

Still, I would feel better alone than in bad company

It could be a lovely harmony or a bitter symphony

Above all, I must consider my fading sunsets

At times, I can barely bear myself, but I’m patient

I am a magnet to mistakes; I know that is my weakness

A charming person can turn into a monster of Loch Ness

Love’s alien to me, and love’s my heart’s main nutrient

What should I do, forever disappear, or eternally join?

Failure or success, satisfaction or disillusion

Such a dilemma, a simple yes or no . . . a final solution

Like in most important matters, between choices, I’ll flip a  coin.

Edmundo Barraza Visalia, CA. 04-18-2012