Sunday, March 8, 2015

Advice to My Younger Self

·        Pretending to be smart clearly shows you’re a fool.

·        Never swear, unless you’re fighting. 

·        Talk less and listen more. 

·        Accept that friends will disappear, move away, change or die. 

·        Never feel defeated, erase failure from your vocabulary.

·        Spend more time with family than with friends. 

·        Read a lot. Never waste a minute of your life.

·        Keep learning until you die. 

·        Love yourself more than anything in the world. 

·        Always believe that the best is yet to come, it’s true anyway.

·        Love anything you do and be the best you can be. 

·        Be passionate against injustices. 

·        Help everyone you can. And expect nothing in return. 
·        Smile, be kind, and polite. 

·        Never abuse anyone weaker (or stronger) than you.

·        If you don’t have the cash, don’t buy it.  

·        Don’t wait for it to come, go get it. 

·        Appreciate art, books and movies, but love music. 

·        Change jobs often, until you find one that makes you happy. 

·        Sadness and defeat will show up often, but they’ll never stay long.

·        Crying is a good release for your soul. 

·        Enjoy life every day.  

·        Smile every morning when you open your eyes. 

·        Drugs and alcohol should never guide your life. 

·        Believe that you’re better than anybody, just don’t show it. 

·        Have faith, be spiritual. 

·        Be positive and trustful. 

·        Be careful when choosing friends, partners and bosses. 

·        Take risks often. If you fail, try again. 

·        Don’t hate hateful people, just dislike them. 

·        Avoid prejudice and discrimination above all. 

·        Be kind but not weak. 

·        Be strong but not rude. 

·        Be humble but not timid. 

·        Be proud but not arrogant. 

·        Stay away from regrets and rancor. 

·        Get rid of pessimism. 

·        Never worry too much, it gets better. 

·        Don’t waste your time, volunteer. 

·        If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun. 

·        You’ll regret a million things but never your good deeds. 

·        Above all, be faithful to the ones you love. 

·        Never hate your former friends, former girlfriends or former wives. 

·        Respect and appreciate nature, it never did anything bad to you. 

·        Love pets, they’re like humans, except they’re better in every way. 

·        Authority figures are not always intelligent, competent or right. 

·        There are no adults; everyone is as clueless as you are. 

·        Life is too short for bad books, boring movies and shitty people. 

·        I don’t know what to say about God, but if you’re good, that’s good enough. 

·        Negativity and pessimism will scare friends away and shorten your life.

·        Positive persons never commit suicide. 

·        Always imagine a brilliant future, even if the present is dark. 

·        Good and evil exists in everybody; keep your evil side inside at all times.

·        Praise and condemn with equal vehemence. 

·        The life you live is the life you were destined to have, have no regrets.

·        There are only good friends, bad friends don’t exist.  

·        If you only get three wishes with the last one, always ask for three more.

·        Remember that physical beauty disappears but not a beautiful mind. 

·        Take fate into your own hands. 

·        Always take the initiative. 

·        Develop your own voice. 

·        Don’t be fearful of rejection. 

·        Take revenge if need be.

·        Learn to live with your mistakes. 

·        Always question authority, authority sucks.

·        Get involved and never forget that you’re a citizen of the world.

·        Don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t deceive and don’t betray. 

·        Be a rebel, a dissident and a leader.

·        Speak up, protest and object.

·        Don’t panic, you can start over every morning.

·        Stop ignoring your own advice. 

Edmundo Barraza 
Lancaster, Ca. Mar-2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

If I Were the President


As we all know the goal of most Miss Universe candidates is to end world hunger, educate children, house all homeless people in the world and stop all wars around the globe. But if they achieve absolutely nothing, it’s understandable. 

On the other hand, we assume it should be different with our presidential candidates; after all they are applying for the most powerful job in the world. During their political campaigns they say they have a million brilliant ideas to solve all what's wrong in the country, but in the end nothing gets done either.
Well, it's my turn to fix our Nation, and this is what I would do . . .

·        I could solve half our troubles with just one move . . . Alaska would be a new country, and I would give it to the Republican politicians and their followers. That way they could have their own country. Then, we’ll see how long they last. I bet Russia would try to move farther away. Even though this is a joke, this could be a magnificent idea. After all, they’re the ones that cause all the problems, and the ones that don’t allow us to fix them.

·        My next priority would be to build a big wall between Alaska and the USA. Huge, tall and strong. After all, we know Republicans love walls, fences and barriers.

·        Revise and edit the Constitution. We can’t consider it sacred forever.

·        Prohibit arms in the hands of the civil population. It has worked wonders in other countries, and they are happier and more civilized than USA.

·        Ban our troops in foreign countries, unless they attack us first (in our own territory).

·        Drug tests to all Welfare recipients. It’s only fair. I don’t see anything wrong with this. If you do drugs, you don’t need our help.

·        I would ban the Death Penalty. It’s useless, ineffective, futile, irrelevant and absurd. It has never worked as a deterrent.

·        I know that regular people can do a lot more than a hundred presidents. So I would give them the power to organize and help each other. I would turn the USA and its entire population into a nation of volunteers. The rich people would take care of the poor people. We would organize the powerful to help the weak.

·        I would prohibit the oil industry, pharmaceutical companies, the NRA, and other diabolical industries from giving donations to all political candidates. Actually, the NRA would be automatically dismantled, since all their members would be in Alaska.

·        I would turn all jails and prisons into the biggest school system in the world. Any inmates that obtain a new diploma would have their time reduced, or would get their freedom back. This is a brilliant idea.

·        Voting is a privilege, just like driving. If you don’t vote, you don’t drive. If you don’t vote, your driver’s license could be suspended. Mandatory voting should be obligatory in all democracies. You should be happy you could vote anyway. With mandatory voting, most controversial debates about Healthcare, Immigration, Oil drilling, Environmental issues, and many more divisive topics would disappear. 

·        I would create an organization to supervise government spending. Such Office would have no ties to the government sector (the culprit of all senseless, superfluous, and misused funds). Once this office operates at its full potential the budget deficit would be cut in half. 

·        Legalize marijuana in all states. We will be a happier and more relaxed country. 

Okay, I admit it, some of these points sound outright childish, but if God could grant me a wish I’ll use it for the first point on my list. 

The reason my list looks so short it’s because with item number one I took care of half our problems.

Edmundo Barraza
Lancaster, Ca. February-2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If I Could Die Before My Life Ends

When you don’t know you’re dying
You don’t worry about death
You have to keep your tears inside your joy

When your only escape is to commit suicide
Your life becomes truly dysfunctional
You can’t stay longer and you can’t leave sooner

I got it backwards, first heaven then hell
I’ve been robbed and God appears to be the thief
I wish my predicament was just a dream

My landlord is asking me to vacate his property
I’m not bad enough to deserve this fate
But I’m not good enough to influence his decision

Have a talk with God
But what’s the point if I’ll be gone soon
I wish I didn’t know I was dying

*I wrote (arranged, is a better word) this poem for what I expect would be the theme song for a short film a friend of mine and I are trying to create. The peculiar thing about it, is that all these phrases or lines are contained within a short story called, "Impatient Patient", which we are using as a base for the film. I picked them up without any order and re-arranged them into something that could make sense. 

Edmundo Barraza
Lancaster, Ca. 02-17-2015